Neapolitan pizza conquers (Hilton) Amsterdam


  • An original Neopolitan pizza
  • Pizzachef Dario Guerrasio from Napels at Hilton Amsterdam

Hilton Amsterdam introduces exclusive Neapolitan pizza in combination with champagne. The classic among pizzas is put on the menu of their Half Moon Lounge. The contemporary combination with bubbles gives the original simple street food from Naples a gastronomic touch. Special pizza & champagne variations are served until 14th of November 2019 for 20 euros per person, including a glass of prosecco.

Nice and tasty, eating original Neapolitan pizza with bubbles at the Hilton Amsterdam! What kind of originals do you serve for a reasonable price?


Naples cradle Italian pizza

Naples is the undisputed birthplace of Italian pizza. The prestige of the Neapolitan pizza’s is of equally high value compared to an UNESCO cultural heritage. The classic Neapolitan pizza’s are based on traditions and recipes that have been passed on for many generations. The specialist chef Dario Guerrasio will be in the kitchen for the introduction to Hilton Amsterdam. He will personally introduce the chefs to the secrets of the ingredients, method of preparation and baking method of the original Neapolitan pizza. It’s a very precise job!


The original Neapolitan pizza is prepared with care and attention. The dough is being kneaded according to a specific process and we work with prescribed ingredients such as San Marzano tomatoes and super fresh “fior di latte” from Campania, sea salt and the best olive oil. A special oven has been purchased to bake the pizza. Also this process has rules, from the way the pizza enters the oven to the (extra) high temperatures. This gives the Neapolitan pizza the characteristic airy, ‘puffed’ high crust, the cornicione.

Pizza with bubbles

Traditionally, Neapolitan pizza is eaten on the street, double-folded; with beer, cola or a light sparkling wine. The Neapolitan pizza in the Half Moon Lounge of Hilton Amsterdam will be served with a glass of champagne. A sublime combination of chic simplicity and elegance, originated in contemporary New York. A match with ‘complex bubbles’ creates the perfect taste, according to experimenting sommeliers in New York, who unleashed the Pizza & Champagne as an innovative culinary trend. Hilton Amsterdam wants to conquer Amsterdam with the pizza Napolitana and fine bubbles.

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