Minions inspired menu at McDonald’s


To promote the launch of the new Despicable movie that will take place on the 30th of June, McDonald’s introduced a Minions inspired menu in Singapore. So if you like junk food and love the Despicable movies, you know where you have to go. Unfortunately the minion menu is only available at select McDonald’s establishments. We are quite certain that lots of other Minion fans would love to have a Minions inspired Happy Meal.

Minions inspired menu

McDonald’s went very creative with their Minions inspired menu. Menu that can be served are Minion potatoes, Minion banana pies, spicy chicken nuggets and banana ice cream cones and shakes. To make it even better, all food items are packed in special packaging as well. If you order a Happy Meal, you can save Minion Happy Meal toys. This can be done from the 1st of June till the 5th of July. They look awesome!

Bron: Metro

Website: McDonald's Singapore

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