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Five outlets of McDonald’s in Tampere, Finland have announced it’s trialing a new item on their menu – a vegan burger. They started selling the McVegan early October and it will be available until November 21. The McVegan has become an instant hit on the social media, with a lot of vegans asking McDonalds in their own region to trial this burger as well. The fans even urge McDonald’s to make it an item on the international menu.

The McVegan | Bring it worldwide

This new addition to McDonald’s menu in Tampere, is 100 % plant based, with a juicy soy patty on a Quarter Pounder bun. The burger includes a vegan McFeast sauce, ketchup, mustard, fresh tomato, lettuce, onion and pickle slices. According to McDonald’s Finland, the future of the McVegan is up to their customers.  “We will consider launching the product in all McDonald’s restaurants in Finland in 2018. The decision will depend on our customers’ opinion on McVegan. The very first test sales results, customer feedback, and the attention the product is getting in different vegan communities are very promising”, says Christoffer Rönnblad, Marketing Director of McDonald’s Finland.

The Finnish Instagram account of the fast food giant, McDonaldssuomi, gained over 1.000 ‘likes’ for an image of the McVegan. Popular post were like ‘bring it worldwide’ or ‘bring it to Australia, the USA etc.’, or just ‘omg want’. Well we think

Bron: McDonalds

Website: McDonalds Suomi

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