Master classes by known Dutch chefs


‘De Kookfabriek’ has three locations in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. At these locations large groups, both business and private, can cook and eat in the kitchen. ‘De Kookfabriek’ organizes especially for individuals various Masterclasses of well known Dutch chefs. During the 4,5 hour master classes the chefs will guide the cooks in making their own four-course seasonal menu. The master classes of chefs Julius Jaspers, Sandra Ysbrandy, Jos Grootscholten and Alain Caron cost € 75,= per person and the master class of Niven Kunz € 99,= including his latest book Niven 80/20. The video shows the master class by Julius Jaspers.

Website: De Kookfabriek

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