Lievergoed Collectie expands with Kasteel Bijstervelt in Oirschot


  • Niek van Lieverloo (links) en Klaas van Leengoed van de Lievergoed Collectie - credits Kees BeekmansNiek van Lieverloo (links) en Klaas van Leengoed van de Lievergoed Collectie - credits Kees Beekmans
  • Brasserie Jacob V en Kapel Montfort - credits Kees BeekmansBrasserie Jacob V en Kapel Montfort - credits Kees Beekmans
  • Landgoed Groot Bijstervelt in de Lievergoed CollectieLandgoed Groot Bijstervelt in de Lievergoed Collectie
  • Kapel Montfort interieurKapel Montfort interieur

In January 2023, the Lievergoed Collectie has expanded to include Kapel Montfort and Brasserie Jacob V, both located on Landgoed Groot Bijstervelt in Oirschot, the Netherlands. Kapel Montfort is suitable for weddings, gatherings, condolences and meetings for up to 150 people and the Brasserie is open five days a week for coffee, lunch and drinks. After Kasteel Maurick in Vught and Kasteel Dussen in Dussen, it is the third location of Klaas van Leengoed and Niek van Lieverloo’s company.

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Lievergoed Collectie | Motto ‘Always surprisingly exquisite’

Companions Klaas van Leengoed (51) and Niek van Lieverloo (35) have placed the operations of their businesses in the Lievergoed Collectie (collection). The characteristics of this collection are historical, monumental locations where high-level meetings are organized and restaurants are operated. Under the motto ‘always surprisingly exquisite’, the businesses offer hospitality, courtesy and quality. The staff at the venues are trained at Kasteel Maurick.

Kapel Montfort

Klaas van Leengoed: “As of January 1st 2023, we have taken over the operations of both Kapel Montfort and the Brasserie. Kapel Montfort was built in 1910 by the Montfortan fathers, who lived in the former Bijstervelt castle. Kapel Montfort features beautiful original stained glass windows and murals. It has recently been restored and renovated and is suitable for gatherings such as weddings, condolences and business related gatherings such as meetings for up to 150 people.”

Brasserie Jacob V

Landgoed Groot Bijstervelt has a history that dates back to the 14th century. There was previously a moat on the estate, after which a castle was built in 1772. The castle was expanded from 1903 by the priests and renamed a monastery. Niek van Lieverloo: “The current Brasserie Montfort will be called Brasserie Jacob V, named after Jacob Derk Baron Sweerts de Landas, the last lord of the castle and the fifth in line of this noble family. The Brasserie is located right next to Kapel Montort and is open from Wednesday to Sunday for coffee, lunch and drinks. The menu will feature accessible dishes that, just like at Maurick Castle, we make fresh in our own kitchen. The kitchen and the interior are refreshed and provided with a ‘Lievergoed sauce’. The opening of the brasserie and the chapel is planned for March 2023.”

The partners are delighted with the new addition. Klaas van Leengoed and Niek van Lieverloo: “When we started Maurick Castle seven years ago, we had the ambition to acquire a new location approximately every three years. We are proud to have been able to realize that ambition, especially given the recent years of lockdowns and the current challenging economic times. The collection offers a nice change from banqueting at three locations and three restaurants. In addition to the new Brasserie Jacob V, Kasteel Maurick also has Brasserie Catharina van Maurick and fine-dining restaurant Hendrik van Maurick, which is included in restaurant guides such as Lekker, Gault&Millau and Michelin. We are looking forward to get started in Oirschot and we are busy with all the preparations and recruiting employees for kitchen, service and management.”

About the Lievergoed Collectie

Companions Klaas van Leengoed (51) and Niek van Lieverloo (35) joined forces in 2015 to breathe new life into the 15th-century Maurick Castle in Vught. As of 2023, the Lievergoed Collection consists of three locations: Maurick Castle (with fine-dining restaurant Hendrik van Maurick and Brasserie Catharina van Maurick), Dussen Castle in Dussen and Bijstervelt Castle in Oirschot (with Brasserie Jacob V).

Website: Lievergoed Collectie and Bijstervelt Castle  

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