Lego Burgers | For all people with an obsession for lego and hamburgers


Do you have an obsession for lego and addicted to burgers? The Brick Burger restaurant is probably the best restaurant for you. You only have to travel to the Philippines to taste the Lego Burgers!

The idea Lego Burgers

Six months ago, Jergs Correa, an enormous lego fan opened the Brick Burger restaurant in Manilla. The restaurant has become extremely popular amongst the local burger and lego fans. The restaurant offers ten different burgers. Each burger is either served inside a red, yellow or black bun and has the shape of a lego brick.

Different kinds of burgers

Some of the burgers served at the restaurant are relating to different lego characters. The Darth Burger (Darth Vader) is a burger with caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon, garlic and barbecue sauce served in a black bun. The Hulk Buster (The Hulk) is a double cheeseburger with bacon, mushrooms and cheese sauce served in a red bun. If you don’t like burgers, don’t worry! The restaurant also serves food items such as chicken wings, pasta, hotdogs and desserts as well.

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