KYTCHO sets a new standard for chef’s knife’s


The KYTCHO Power Blade is a new chef’s knife made from ultra-durable ULTRA NANO Circonia material. The particles of the new material are so small that they help to create the sharpest and most durable knife ever made in mass production.

Lifetime warranty

Where other chef’s knife’s may become dull over time, the KYTCHO maintains its sharpness and boasts a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The knife is produced in the US at the only factory that exclusively works with its Nano circonia material.

The KYTCHO chef’s knife is both an innovative and affordable kitchen accessory which was available for only $39 through Kickstarter. As these packages are sold out, which means you’ll have to wait till the knife is available in shops. Retail price: € 69,-.

Bron: Trendhunter

Website: KYTCHO

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