Kornuit puts modern craftsmanship in the spotlight


The brewers (and marketing department) of Kornuit work with the new generation of craftsmen and puts the spotlight on modern craftsmanship.

Modern craftsmanship

Kornuit works together with sausage maker Erik Waagmeester and blacksmith Joram Barbier and has made beautiful videos about them. Under the heading of ‘modern craftsmanship’ Kornuit will give them and other craftsmen the attention they deserve.

Sausage and upcycled beer opener

Waagmeester developed a sausage based on Cascade hop specially for Kornuit. The sausage is available at selected bars. Barbers has designed a bottle opener from an old beer barrel.  The opener which is available at a number of supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Bron: http://fonkonline.nl/artikelen/bureaus/fitzroy-zet-zich-in-voor-kornuit-brouwers-32526.html

Website: http://www.ontdekkornuit.nl

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