Koppert Cress launches the Zallotti Blossom


Are you looking for something new to decorate your dishes? Koppert Cress has launched the Zallotti Blossom, a purple flower with the taste of basil and mint.

Zallotti Blossom

Zallotti Blossom is the newest creation within the Koppert Cress collection. Zallotti Blossom is a decorative twig with small purple flowers of the African basil plant with a strong taste of basil and mint. Ideal to use as decoration on its own or only with the flowers. The plant can perfectly be combined with Italian or summer dishes, as addition to a salad or as part of a fancy cocktail. Tip: Zallotti Blossom creates a colourful surprise in a warm infusion.


The name basil originates from the old Greek word ‘Basileus’ which means ‘king’ or ‘royal’. Basil is used in the entire world, most people link the herb to the Italian or Mediterranean kitchen. Less familiar is the use of the herb in the Thai or Indonesian cuisine. In India basil is a holy herb and is offered to the Hindu. The flower of the plant is mostly used to decorate in rice- and vegetable dishes, but it also gives a twist in the flavour.

Koppert Cress

Koppert Cress is constantly looking for natural, innovative ingredients, which can be used by chefs to intensify the flavour, smell and presentation of their dishes. Their products meet the worldwide high standards of restaurants. Cress are fresh germinated aromatic plants, 100% naturally. The plants offer a wide diversity and intensity of taste and smell, which can only be found in young plants.

Website: Koppert Cress Benelux

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