JRE Streetdine


  • HT basiliek 3JRE actie Basiliek
  • JRE actie Tante KeeJRE actie Tante Kee
  • JRE actie Vrienden Van JacobJRE actie Vrienden Van Jacob
  • HT mijn keuken3JRE actie Mijn Keuken
  • JRE Actie SpettersJRE Actie Spetters
  • HT bretelli 1JRE actie Bretelli

Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (JRE) organized a surprise campaign ‘JRE Streetdine’ on 13 September. All 28 Dutch restaurants affiliated with JRE went to unique locations and served culinary delights to passers-by. Some people were even invited to take place at a set table for a culinary flash lunch. Chairman Rik Jansma, of restaurant Basiliek in Harderwijk, hopes this initiative will encourage potential new guests to visit the restaurants. Check out the pictures for an impression of this ludic action.

Another way to attract attention for your restaurant.

The JRE Street Diner is an example of a fun and original way to enthuse guests to visit your restaurant. And after the many discount promotions, this is definitely something different. We have already seen this kind of actions before: the French watermark Badoit handed meals out, created by top chefs, to passengers of a train in 2012 and to drivers of the Rue de Rivoli in 2013. This would attract a lot of attention at local level as well!

Website: JRE

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