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A first for the Dutch food industry. Burger take-away and delivery company Johnny’s Burger Company will get exclusive rights to franchise the originally French fast food brand O’Tacos. The agreement between Johnny’s Burger Company and O’Tacos clears a path for a new type of franchise formula. During the pilot, some 30 locations of Johnny’s Burger Company will launch a so-called virtual kitchen for O’Tacos.

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French fast food brand O’Tacos to be further developed for the Dutch market

“We are extremely happy with the agreement we reached with O’Tacos. Johnny’s Burger and O’Tacos are products that connect well and complement each other perfectly. For instance, both brands are fast-growing and we have the same strict quality requirements for the food.” Says Tarek Cherkawi, managing director and founder of Johnny’s Burger Company. In addition, Johnny’s Burger Company will further develop the O’Tacos brand for the Dutch market in the coming years.

The franchise formula of the future

Thanks to the virtual kitchen, customers only see the online ordering environment of O’Tacos. The product itself is prepared and delivered by Johnny’s Burger Company. Not only does this offer the possibility of significantly expanding the range of brands from the same kitchen, the virtual kitchen also provides significant energy cost and overhead savings. A number of locations, including those in Schiedam, Loosduinen, Zwijndrecht and Delft, will also offer a shop-in-shop formula. Guests can choose from two different concepts at one dine-in location. “From O’Tacos, we have every confidence in this cooperation between two quality brands. Together, we meet all the conditions to make this a success and introduce a new form of franchising in the Dutch market.” Says Pieter Daems, general manager at O’Tacos International.

About Johnny’s Burger Company

Founded in 2011, Johnny’s Burger Company is the first burger delivery formula in the Netherlands. The idea for this delivery formula was born during a holiday of founder Tarek Cherkawi in America, where he instantly fell in love with this unique concept. Once back in the Netherlands, he started Johnny’s Burger Company. The franchise formula now has 48 branches and is the fastest growing burger take-away and delivery formula in the Netherlands.

About O’Tacos

O’Tacos was founded in France in 2007 by Patrick Pelonero and Silman and Samba Traoré. Thanks to a strong formula featuring popular French tacos -a dish consisting of a flour tortilla with chips, meat and cheese- the company gained momentum in 2014. Thanks to starting a franchise formula, the company managed to expand internationally in several cities in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, among others.

Website: Johnny's Burger Company & O'Tacos

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