iKi Beer launches gastronomical beers with top chef Kelvin Lin


  • iKi Beer in samenwerking met Kelvin LiiKi Beer in samenwerking met Kelvin Lin
  • iKi Beer in samenwerking met Kelvin LiiKi Beer in samenwerking met Kelvin Lin

iKi Beer is expanding their range with a line of beers in collaboration with Dutch top chef Kelvin Lin, known for his restaurant Nayolie. The beers are unique because they work with fresh ingredients and not with extracts. Fresh lemongrass was used for the ‘Lemongrass’ and Zallotti Blossom was added to the ‘Thai Sweet Basil’. CEO Rob Baan of Koppert Cress in Monster, where the Zallotti Blossom is grown, ceremoniously received the first bottle of beer.

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Gastronomical beers

The Lemongrass and Thai Sweet Basil are the first beers in a line of new gourmet beers created for iKi Beer by top chef Kelvin Lin. In the tradition of iKi, the new additions are artisanally made with green tea. The Lemongrass is a fresh and spicy beer with low acidity, a real taste explosion due to the fresh lemongrass. Zallotti Blossom, a flower sprig of the African basil plant, has been added to the Thai Sweet Basil. This beer has fresh notes of basil and mint and stands out because of its fragrant smell. The Lemongrass contains 4.5% alcohol and the Thai Sweet Basil 6%.

CEO Luit Mulder, of iKi Beer: “The beers perfectly match the cooking style of the creative Kelvin Lin, who is known for taste explosions with his award-winning modern Asian cuisine. They are gastronomic beers that will enhance the meal. In addition, you can cook well with them and they lend themselves very well to use in cocktails. They are ideally suited for hospitality companies, sommeliers and bartenders who make distinctive choices in their assortment of drinks and who want to surprise the guest. I am very proud of the collaboration with Kelvin and of the result. Rob Baan of Koppert Cress brought Kelvin and me together and it is extra special that his Zallotti Blossom is the seasoning in the Thai Sweet Basil. It was therefore the obvious choice to hand him the first bottle of Thai Sweet Basil.”


Lemongrass as secret weapon

Kelvin Lin: ”iKi fits very well with my culinary style and now that I can develop my own beers for iKi, the dream is complete. I consider it an honor to have been asked to do this. The Lemongrass is a very flavorful beer with a kick. The ingredient lemongrass is a secret weapon for me. It inspires me in the kitchen and combines well with other Asian flavors such as Indian yogurt-based food, dishes with soy notes and sushi. Dishes with smoky tones also go very well with this beer.
The Thai Sweet Basil has fresh notes of star anise, mint, basil and a hint of cloves in the mouth. The combination results in an association with the sweetness of licorice. Smelling the beer gives a real fragrance explosion. This beer goes well with dishes with fresh flavors such as green curry, tom kha kai, dishes from the Moroccan cuisine and Japanese-Peruvian Nikei cuisine.”


Beer-food combinations

The line ‘iKi Beer by Kelvin Lin’ is an addition to the existing iKi range, which includes Yuzu, Ginger, Raz el Hanout, Pepper and the alcohol-free Zero. Luit Mulder: “The line is in full development, so we are now working on a dessert beer, among other things. An experience platform can be found on the website with videos with Kelvin, beer-food combinations and recipes. Kelvin combines the Lemongrass with his version of tom kha kai and the Thai Sweet Basil with Alaska king crab, Granny Smith apple and cream of jasmine and lime leaf.

Website: iKi Beer by Kelvin Lin, iKi Beer & Nayolie

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