Hurryhurrygogo | The perky little sister of Happyhappyjoyjoy will open in Amsterdam


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Hurryhurrygogo will open its doors at the Singel 460 in Amsterdam by the end of October. Underneath the Supperclub, space is being created in the former French Connection for this even more chaotic and hysterical sister of Happyhappyjoyjoy. The new snack bar offers space for its own events, various cocktails and high-quality Asian snacks and, in that sense, will link itself to the city’s nightlife.

Hurryhurrygogo | A bar where you can also snack

Where the concept of Happyhappyjoyjoy is already known for the chaos that can be found in many Asian big cities, this is even more apparent at Hurryhurrygogo. This new concept takes the word ‘snack bar’ to a completely different level; it is a bar where you can also snack. In this way, IQ Creative is rolling out Happyhappyjoyjoy in a different form in Amsterdam.

At Hurryhurrygogo, the ordering process is also completely different. You can order drinks and food at the bar, and then pick up the food yourself at the kitchen. All dishes can also be collected to Go.

Interior of Hurryhurrygogo

In collaboration with JPS Architecten, Concrete is once again responsible for the realization of the project, whereby the recognizability of Happyhappyjoyjoy is processed, but it will not be an exact copy.

Hurryhurrygogo is open 6 days a week till late. The doors are open from 5 pm to 2 am on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday; on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays even until 3 a.m. The kitchen will close one hour before closing time.

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