Hotel blends ultra-modern technology with old-fashioned coziness


The ACME hotel in Chicago is the first hotel to offer the possibility to guests to try the Google Glass for free. The Google Glass can be reserved for a couple of hours at the reception or with your booking. You can use it for a walk through Chicago. Besides the Google Glass the hotel offers more devices to their guests as well as an almost old-fashioned breakfast Knock N ‘Drop service from the Weston Town Bakery in the lobby. There is also an old-fashioned football game available for guests… Beautiful combination of modern technology and art and old-fashioned games, door chalkboards and service. Quote from a guest on Tripadvisor: “Came here to try the Google Glass, but realized the hotel had way more than just that. So many quirky little things, from the odd name to the chalkboard on the door”.


Website: ACME Hotel

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