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HOLYSHOT expands its range of organic juice shots with a new 0.75L bottle with as taste Ginger Turmeric Pineapple. Are you looking for an easy way to enjoy a delicious juice shot every day? Then try this HOLYSHOT Ginger Turmeric Pineapple. It gives you a refreshing and delicious boost with a subtle ginger kick, perfect for any time of day!

The pure nature, healthy shots are becoming more and more popular and we are seeing them more and more in coffee shops and breakfast and lunch restaurants! We tasted this organic drink packed with vitamins and without added sugars and almost everybody said that it tasted healthy with a fresh acidity and slightly bitter aftertaste!  

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HOLYSHOT Ginger Turmeric Pineapple now also available in 0.75 litre bottle

Turmeric is a spice from the ginger family and is also known in India as the golden spice because of its beautiful golden yellow colour. Turmeric has a surprisingly delicious flavour with something bitter, something peppery but also with an orange accent. In addition, there are also many health benefits attributed to this spice. Among other things, turmeric is naturally rich in vitamin C, iron, magnesium and zinc.

HOLYSHOT has mixed turmeric with pineapple juice to give a fresh boost to the powerful flavour of turmeric. In addition, ginger has been added to provide a delicious all-round shot packed with vitamins. This combination is perfect for boosting your immunity, stopping a cold or just to enjoy daily. The 0.75L bottle contains 12 daily shots. Finally, it is organic, packed with vitamins and unlike other shots made without added sugars.


HOLYSHOT is specifically designed with the consumer in mind who goes for convenience and healthy products. The organic shots of HOLYSHOT are packed with vitamins & antioxidants and are thus a delicious boost for your immune system without added sugars. HOLYSHOT consists of a range of 3 variants:

HOLYSHOT Ginger Turmeric Pineapple – A powerful blend of turmeric, ginger and pineapple. Turmeric is naturally rich in vitamin C, iron, magnesium and zinc, among other nutrients. Together with spicy ginger and refreshingly sweet pineapple, this combination supports your immune system function. Available in 60ml and also in 750ml recyclable glass. This 750ml bottle contains 12 daily shots.

HOLYSHOT Ginger Lemon – This variant contains pure ginger and lemon juice, making it packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The perfect mix for an energy boost for body and mind and to keep your resistance high. Available in 60ml and also in 750ml recyclable glass. This 750ml bottle contains 12 daily shots.

HOLYSHOT Maté Guarana – Developed on the basis of brewed maté tea, enriched with guarana and natural caffeine. The recipe for a natural and long-lasting energy boost for the body and mind. The shot contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Available in 60ml recyclable glass.

HOLYSHOT is sold through D-drinks.

Website: HOLYSHOT en D-drinks

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