Hanjie Wanda Square shopping center


  • Hanjie Wanda Square winkelcentrum
  • Hanjie Wanda Square winkelcentrum 1
  • Hanjie Wanda Square winkelcentrum 2
  • Hanjie Wanda Square winkelcentrum 3

The Hanjie Wanda Square is a new shopping center in Wuhan, China. In 2011 a contest was held with various national and international architects. The design of UNStudio’s was chosen as winner. The building has luxury design and combines modern and traditional elements with simple materials. The focus of the design is on the visitor flows, from the three main entrances visitors are guided to two central spaces. The facade consists of 42,333 spheres with 3.1 million LED lights that can be combined to create a beautiful lighting effect. 

Website: UNStudio

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