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Grapekeeper offers the possibility to make your own wine from your own vineyard in Italy, Spain or Germany. Thanks to a simple concept, now everyone can be a winemaker. With the motto “Drink well, do good”, Grapekeeper uses sustainable vineyards and processes and the knowledge of wine experts to produce complex, high-quality wines.

The concept is simple: you choose your favorite wine and the amount of square meters. Based on that, Grapekeeper selects the perfect sustainable vineyard for you. You can follow the process of your wine through updates or even visit your vineyard in real life. When the wine is ready, you will receive your own bottles of wine with your customized label on it.

Great idea to personalize your house wine as restaurant!

‘Drink well, do good’ | About Grapekeeper

Founder Ana Monforte wanted to promote sustainable winemakers and at the same time give consumers the opportunity to be part of the winemaking process. What if the consumer could own a vineyard? This gives them access to this special world, but also supports farmers who want to work sustainably.

Grapekeeper offers you the possibility to make your own custom wine, from your own vineyard. Whether it is a crispy white Turbiana from Italy or a robust red from Tarragona, Spain. The concept is simple; you choose your favorite wine, we select the perfect sustainable vineyard that you own and when the wine is ready, you will receive your own bottles of wine with your own customized label.


The sustainable vineyards have been carefully selected by the Grapekeeper experts. They strive for sustainability and biodiversity in the vineyards and during the entire winemaking process. This not only produces more complex and elegant wines, but also harvest that is more resistant against threats.


All Grapekeeper vineyards produce first-class quality wines. The farmers have been producing in this way for generations and with their experience and dedication to winemaking they guarantee that the quality of the wine always remains high. By owning a Grapekeeper vineyard, you restore and keep the land intact for generations to come.


Website: Grapekeeper

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