Glass slide at a height of 300 meters


The highest building of Chicago has a new crazy attraction, the ‘Skyslide’. At a height of at least 300 meters they developed a glass slide with a length of 14 meters.

Glass slide

The view at the top of the building is unique and offers a spectacular view of the city. If the view is not enough for you, one can have an amazing experience by sliding the glass slide which is attached at the outside wall of the Skycraper building. The 14 meters long slide will bring you to the 69th floor. It is definitely a costly attraction, one slide will cost you $ 33,=.

Glass bridge

It isn’t the first attraction made of glass we spotted. A while ago world’s largest glass bridge was opened in China. This terrifying bridge is 300 meters long, is hanging 180 meters above the ground and is completely made of glass. Curious how the average visitor walks over the bridge? Watch this movie.

Website: Skyspace LA

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