Glaces & Jus by Marc Veyrat


Last holiday we enjoyed reading Alain Caron’s book, Tour d’Alain (a French chef living in the Netherlands, so unfortunately in Dutch). Because of his enthusiastic stories about Montpellier we spent a few hours there. There we saw a new initiative by the former French three-star chef Marc Veyrat. In addition to his self-service restaurant ‘Cozna Vera‘ in Annecy, he opened ‘Glaces &Jus by Marc Veyrat’ early August in Montpellier. A small shop where you can pick frozen bio fruit and put it in various size cups, after which you can choose whether they will make an ice cream, yogurt ice cream, sorbet or smoothie from it. We had a delicious rhubarb yoghurt ice cream with raspberry, a smoothie of wild strawberries and a banana milkshake … Delicious …. And if you’re ever near Montpellier, go soak up the city and a bowl of healthy fruit processed at Urbanfruits. ^Marjolein

Website: Glaces & Jus

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