Fruity lemonade Gazosa La Fiorenzana


  • limonade

Gazosa La Fiorenzana originates from the Swiss Misox valley, in the south of the Alps. Since 1921 the fruity lemonades by Fabbricca are produced from original recipes. The Swiss Stephan Keller tasted the lemonade for the first time in 2002 in a small bar in Zurich and decided to import the drink to the Netherlands. Gazosa La Fiorenzana is available in eight fruity flavors: bitter orange, lemon, alpine blueberries, raspberry, bitter lemon, tangerine, sweet orange and dark orange with alpine herbs. The lemonade is bottles in a swing-top bottle of 0.35L and is reusable and recyclable. Up to now, the fruity lemonade is exclusively available in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

Bron: Gazosa La Fiorenzana Netherlands

Website: Gazosa La Fiorenzana

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