Foodhall Scheveningen launches smart ordering system for beachgoers | Ordering from your beach towel


  • picnic on the beach - Foodhall Scheveningenpicnic on the beach - Foodhall Scheveningen
  • picnic on the beach - Foodhall Scheveningenpicnic on the beach - Foodhall Scheveningen
  • Bestellen vanaf je handdoek - qr code Foodhall ScheveningenBestellen vanaf je handdoek - qr code Foodhall Scheveningen

A summer’s day at the beach is the perfect time for a tasty picnic, a romantic sunset dinner or an extensive drink with a bottle of ice-cold rosé. But eating on the beach often ends up in getting a small fries or something else unhealthy. A problem that the Foodhall Scheveningen, located on the new Noord Boulevard, is only too happy to tackle. To be able to serve guests on the beach, they came up with an ordering system for the beach. “On the beach you want to eat fast, easy but also healthy and tasty food. Thanks to our new ordering system, visitors can order their favourite dishes at the proverbial touch of a button and collect them without waiting. We make sure that everything is packed in a beach-proof way. You get a notification on your phone when you can pick up your order. Ideal for those wonderful, endless summer days on the beach”, according to the entrepreneurs of the Foodhall Scheveningen.

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Foodhall Scheveningen | Enjoying food on your beach towel or on the sand

The Foodhall Scheveningen is a gathering place of 16 different (world) cuisines, a modern central bar and a large, warmly decorated space for settling down for a bite to eat. Since there is something to choose from for every taste, it is the ideal concept for families, (large) groups and people who like to taste. To serve guests during the summer period as well, the idea arose to bring the kitchens of the Foodhall Scheveningen to the beach. How does it work exactly? Beachgoers scan the QR code and immediately enter an online ordering environment. After selecting your favourite dishes, you can immediately pay for them and the Foodhall will send you a notification when your order is ready. Picking up is a piece of cake and long queues are avoided. The order comes with eating utensils and is packed in biodegradable materials.

Website: Foodhall Scheveningen

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