Flavours & Grooves by DJ Martin Damen & François Geurds


The restaurants of François Geurds always create a lot of rumour around their brand. Now this star chef has launched a CD with tasty music, the CD Flavours & Grooves. As the CD is hidden in the dessert at FG Restaurant and FG Food Labs, you have one more reason to eat there.

Flavours & Grooves

Flavours & Grooves can best be translated as tasty music. So many people, so many tastes. Chef Francois Geurds, patron cuisinier of FG Restaurant **, FG Food Labs* and FG Noodle Bar in Rotterdam, and the much requested DJ Martin Damen have been mixing until all the flavours blended together at the CD, under the watchful eye of record company M.A.R.S..

The CD Flavours & Grooves costs 15 euro and is for sale at FG Restaurant and FG Food Labs. If you book for a menu, the CD gets wrapped up in your dessert.

The video of the opening track Stronger of Flavours & Grooves can be seen above.

Website: FG Restaurant

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