Fire – Barbecue tables on the patio?


Viecenta Exclusive Design Tables provides unique garden/patio tables with a fire-barbecue pit in the middle. These tables are unique in Europe and are made by this supplier. Nice for the patio or the terrace of your steak restaurant …

Fire – Barbecue tables

The tables are made in different sizes, colours and shapes. The tables are available at a width which varies up to a maximum of 1220 mm, the length goes standard up to 3000 mm, and the thickness of the table top is 30 or 40 mm. All of these table tops are made of solid oak, not thickened. For the table legs you can choose from solid oak or steel in different versions.

The fire – barbecue table can be used as a fire pit or barbecue. The fire pit or barbecue is in the middle of the table and all around there is plenty of space for plates, glasses and cutlery. When finished barbecuing or talking round the fire pit, place back the cut-square to create a normal patio table. Check out the website of Viecenta Exclusive Design Tables.

Website: Viecenta

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