Festive restaurant Grace opens its doors on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam


  • Festive restaurant Grace - Coolsingel RotterdamFestive restaurant Grace - Coolsingel Rotterdam
  • Festive restaurant Grace - Coolsingel RotterdamFestive restaurant Grace - Coolsingel Rotterdam
  • Festive restaurant Grace - Coolsingel RotterdamFestive restaurant Grace - Coolsingel Rotterdam
  • Festive restaurant Grace - Coolsingel RotterdamFestive restaurant Grace - Coolsingel Rotterdam

Horeca entrepreneur Herman Hell on his newest addition, festive restaurant Grace: “Whether it’s a Parisian breakfast, a relaxed lunch, Arabic tea or a sumptuous dinner with champagne, cocktails and dancing until we can’t anymore. Everything happens at Grace with style. Or as we say, It’s about how.”  

An addition to Rotterdam. Enjoying delicious cocktails, drinks, food and a glamorous interior!   

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Rotterdam is a festive restaurant richer!   

For months it has been buzzing through the streets of Rotterdam. The gigantic corner building on the Coolsingel, opposite the stately City Hall, has been drastically renovated after years of vacancy by hospitality entrepreneur Herman Hell. Inspired by the world-famous restaurants of Paris, London, Barcelona and Madrid, Hell decided to create something that did not yet exist in Rotterdam. With star chef Marco Prins leading the impressive kitchen brigade, a welcoming and glamorous interior and an A-location right in the center, he has more than succeeded with his new ‘festive restaurant’ Grace.   

Chef de Cuisine at restaurant Grace is Marco Prins  

Chef de Cuisine of the renewed catering concept on Rotterdam’s Coolsingel is star chef Marco Prins. Prins has worked for leading Dutch restaurants such as Parkheuvel and former Oud Sluis  before deciding to try his luck overseas. In New York, he managed to secure a Michelin star for his work at restaurant Ukiyo, Japanese-Korean cuisine. Now it is time for this chef to conquer Rotterdam with his culinary talent. Still, the menu for Grace will take a different approach than the well-established starred restaurants: “At Grace, we serve quality dishes from all over the world. And although the dishes are sophisticated and extremely thoughtful, we think it’s important to be there for everyone, so our menu is designed with that in mind. Our guests don’t have to do a full-on multiple courses dinner, they can also come and enjoy a smaller celebration.” said Prins.   

The worldly taste of Grace  

Restaurant Grace’s menu takes guests on a journey through the best dishes of different continents. You can think of Colombian empanadas with aji dip, Peruvian yellowtail ceviche or the classic caesar salad with a surprising Japanese twist. For those who want to go big, there’s also an Italian version of lobster with sage, green asparagus and Parmesan cheese. Or start a dinner in style with Perle Imperial caviar with blinis. Yet a more subdued moment of enjoyment is also easily possible. For a cocktail at the bar or small snack with your loved one, you are also welcome at Grace.   

A place with allure  

Entrepeneur Herman Hell is known for his daring concepts and stimulating interiors. Last year, with the Salmon House, he won the prestigious Entree award for ‘Best New Bar and Restaurant’. This distinct identity also characterizes Grace’s interior. For example, worldly elements come together in the stylish patterns of the floors. Colors are warm and boldly brought together, the observant viewer can spot many 1920s elements here. Responsible for the interior design is Liselore Holman, who has already managed to give several large hospitality projects a surprising metamorphosis: “a few months ago the enormous building on the Coolsingel was still a complete shell, 910 m2 of concrete. Together with the best parties in the country, we turned it into a warm and surprisingly flamboyant place where you can escape the day for a while. The interior brings together everything that has inspired us in recent years. I can’t wait to see the place filled with guests and be fully up and running,” Holman said.    

Hell’s Kitchen Hospitality Group  

Hell’s Kitchen Horeca Group is an ambitious hospitality company consisting of a number of well-known restaurants and cafes in the Rotterdam region, such as Loos, het Zalmhuis, Sijf, Nieuw Rotterdams Café and Wester Paviljoen. Founded in 2001 by entrepreneur Herman Hell, Hell’s Kitchen Horeca Groep has grown within considerable time to become one of the leading hospitality companies in the Netherlands.  

Website: Restaurant Grace

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