Dutch town of Sneek is iBeacon capital


During the eightieth edition of the Sneekweek (August 1st till 6th) in Sneek, there is an innovative iBeacon app connected to the program. The app shows you where you are, what’s going on, where your friends are and what square or café is most popular at that time. By connecting with Facebook you can give friends access to your specific location. This way you make sure that only they can see where you are.

What are iBeacons?

iBeacons are small transmitters that can send targeted information to mobile phones when you’re in the area. When users wish to use the iBeacons that are scattered throughout Sneek during the Sneekweek, they must also have the Lightcurb app on their phone. The app runs on iOS (Apple) and Android.

Interactive map

On the interactive map this app provides, you can see your current position, those of friends and various party locations. It’s easy to only show relevant information by clever filtering options. A bluetooth connection allows the app to connect to hundreds of beacons throughout the city.

Push notification of the program

Visitors can prepare themselves to the Sneekweek by putting together a personalized program. The app will automatically send notifications when the user is not on the right square if a selected part of the program starts.


The app was developed by Near Able Labs of Leander Sikma in collaboration with StOm Design and will be available as free download in the App Store and Google Play Store from July onwards. Light Curb provides the iBeacons that app gets its data from. More information about the app can be found at beleefdesneekweek.nl.

Website: http://beleefdesneekweek.nl/

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