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‘Dinner in the Sky’ will be coming to the Netherlands for the first time on Saturday, May 20th! Decor for the Dutch version is Castle de Wittenburg. The culinary event where guests receive a gourmet four-course menu at fifty meters high has proven to be a great success in 59 countries.

The concept

The concept has been created ten years ago by Belgian top entrepreneur and Fungroup owner Stefan Kerkhofs. In the meanwhile, the event has been all over the world, from Sydney to Las Vegas and from London to Brussels: the ‘Dinner in the Sky’ spectacle took place in almost every big city.

‘Dinner in the Sky’ | Castle de Wittenburg

Decor for the Dutch version is Castle de Wittenburg in Wassenaar, where on the 20th  of May you’ll be able to take four culinary rounds in the sky, throughout the day. The Belafonte Event Group initiators are looking forward to launch this event in the Netherlands. As stated by the Belafonte Event Group; “With your best friends, business associates or the best family members at one table with the best view possible, specially selected wines and exceptional dishes prepared by none other than Chef Marc Smeets. It doesn’t get any better! Dinner in the Sky is truly an unique experience, both for companies that want to emphasis their brand and for groups that have something to celebrate.” There are also individual seats available.

…. in the sky

Ron Schouten of the Belafonte Event Group sees multiple opportunities for events at high altitude. For example, there are ideas for setting platform platforms at festivals. Just imagine, enjoying the set of your favourite DJ at 50 meters high with 23 friends! “But also think of ‘wedding in the sky’ or see the fireworks festival in Scheveningen from the sky. But you can also collaborate with other restaurant owners and create a special restaurant at a height of 50 meters above a square.” Schouten said. Ideas enough so, we are curious what the next event will be!

Program ‘Dinner in the sky’ at caste de Wittenburg

Decor for the first Dutch edition of Dinner in the Sky is the Castle of Wittenburg in Wassenaar, where the next events will take place throughout May the 20th.

Lunch – 1:45 pm till 3:00 pm
High tea – 3:30 pm till 5:00 pm
Dinner 1 – 5:30 pm till 6:45 pm
Dinner 2 – 7:15 pm till 8:30 pm

Lunch and dinner in the sky

Oyster | Poached | Cauliflower mousse | Rosemary
Asparagus salad | Smoked salmon | Lime Caviar | Wasabi marshmallow
Lunch – Sea bass | Escabeche of shrimps | Spaghettini | Lobster Cream
Dinner – Bavette | Lentils | Spring vegetables | Truffeljus
Chocolate Bombe | pure | white | caramel

You can book your ticket here!

Website: Belafonte Event Group

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