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  • Credits - Jeancarlo Nunes dos AnjosCredits - Jeancarlo Nunes dos Anjos
  • Credits - Laura SiliquiniCredits - Laura Siliquini
  • Credits: Laura SiliquiniCredits: Laura Siliquini
  • Jeancarlo Nunes dos AnjosJeancarlo Nunes dos Anjos
  • Jeancarlo Nunes dos AnjosJeancarlo Nunes dos Anjos
  • Credits: Laura SiliquiniCredits: Laura Siliquini
  • Credits: Laura SiliquiniCredits: Laura Siliquini

Have you always wanted to go to a karaoke bar in Tokyo? You don’t have to hop on a plane to do that anymore: Dikke Mic has everything a real karaoke lover desires, just in Rotterdam. Dikke Mic also surprises you on a culinary level: they are opening a brand new street food bar with Asian street food, prepared by none other than Michelin-star chef Ron Blaauw. In the basement, inspired by the small Asian streets and alleys, are the karaoke rooms, each with their own theme. The perfect recipe for a successful night out for small and large groups!

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Dikke Mic

Entrepreneur Daan van Hal talks about the new karaoke club: “Actually Dikke Mic arose from pure necessity. We have a karaoke room in our adjoining business Mooie Boules, but it is so popular that it is bursting at the seams. Because we don’t like to disappoint people, we decided to open an authentic, Japanese karaoke bar. And that’s what Dikke Mic has become. The atmosphere and the quality of bites and drinks you’re used to from Mooie Boules, but with an Asian twist.”

We wrote about Mooie Boules before, read the article here!

Karaoke and Arcade

‘Dikke Mic’ Karaoke Bar features eight private karaoke rooms. The rooms can be booked for groups from 4 to 30 people and are fully equipped with high-end karaoke equipment. Guests can order bites and drinks from the karaoke room via tablets. For those who prefer to save their singing skills for the shower, there is also a fully equipped arcade room, which includes racing booths, basketball, boxing, air field hockey and more. The arcade room can be visited without a reservation.

Street Food

Curated by Ron Blaauw, Dikke Mic’s menu offers a choice of different Asian-inspired street food. There is the possibility to eat in the bar, or to order individual snacks while singing. A reservation for a bite to eat and/or drinks for small parties is not necessary. Large groups can order elaborate platters with tasty dishes from the menu, such as yakitori with chicken and spring onion, takoyaki of octopus, barbecue ribs with hoisin sauce and crispy onion or tacos with mackerel and lime leaf. There are also plenty of delicious options for vegetarians, such as tempura of broccoli with yuzu, samosas with potato or crispy gyoza with mushroom and garlic chili. Sharing is allowed, but a dish all to yourself is of course also an option.

Website: Dikke Mic.

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