Designer chocolate Christmas tree


  • Pattisier

Spectacular showpieces of chocolate has been a ‘Christmas’ tradition by chocolatiers in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, London and other cities all over the world. The Patissier (with flagship stores in Oegstgeest and the Market Hall in Rotterdam, The Netherlands) started this tradition 4 years ago in Oegstgeest and created their designer chocolate Christmas tree, ‘Drops to Christmas’ this year.

Designer chocolate Christmas tree

The designer chocolate Christmas tree consists of 500 hand-poured chocolate balls, made from Valhrona chocolate. The total width is 50 centimeters and the tree is 1.25 meters high. The tree is made by 2 patissiers who worked for 14 days to finish it. 15 kilos of chocolate was processed for the artwork. The ‘Christmas baubles’ tree is a gift by The Patissier to Rotterdam and it’s beautiful new Market Hall. The tree can be admired until 31 December at The Patissier, freshunit 83 in the Market Hall.

Website: De Patissier

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