De FAM | First foodmarket in Den Bosch opens in 2022


  • Foodmarkt De FAMFoodmarkt De FAM
  • Foodmarkt De FAMFoodmarkt De FAM

We are already very familiar with the foodmarket concept in the Netherlands; a covered area filled with small kitchens where culinary highlights can be enjoyed. The people living in the city of Den Bosch (in the south of the Netherlands) will soon be able to welcome their own ‘foodmarket De FAM’ (FAM is slang for family). A colorful journey of discovery of world cuisines in the middle of the historic city center of Den Bosch.

Foodmarket De FAM will open their doors in the first quarter of 2022 and can accommodate 200 guests (seated). They are still looking for innovative concepts! Read more about it and if you have a concept that fits in, you can send an e-mail ( ) until December 1st with your details, a short description of the concept and why you should be there in Den Bosch!

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Urban atmosphere at Foodmarkt De FAM

“We have the ambition that Foodmarkt De FAM fits in the atmosphere and coziness of our beautiful historic city.’’ says catering entrepreneur Stephanie Schulte. She is the owner, founder and inventor of the brand new food concept Foodmarkt De FAM. “We want to create a colourful, culinary journey of discovery for our guests. In an urban atmosphere. Think of lots of greenery, large tables and cozy corners. You smell worldly scents from the different cuisines. You will be tempted to taste all kinds of snacks that will amaze and surprise you.”

Foodmarkt De FAM will be a place where guests can rely on high quality food, drinks, service and a great atmosphere. That is why De FAM is looking for a variety of entrepreneurs who work as much as possible with freshly prepared and local ingredients, their own recipes, creative solutions and who have a passion for what they do and make. The goal? A varied offer from different cuisines, the kitchens are supposed to complement each other so that flavors from all over the world can be tried.


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