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Although CuliAir can’t been seen as a trend anymore, it remains special to see that the concept is still named as a ‘trend’ on various websites. The concept was initiated by masterchef Angélique Schmeinck in 2003. CuliAir is a culinary enjoyment at the highest level, literally and figuratively. If you want to experience something special, from the beginning of April till September it’s possible to book a diner in this floating restaurant. The restaurant consists of 14 spots and is a once in a lifetime experience that’s expected to stay trendy in the upcoming years as well.

The edible painting | Culinary enjoyment at the highest level

The first time we wrote about CuliAir was in 2007. Unfortunately, these articles are not on our website anymore. That’s why we’re pleased to write about Angélique’s edible painting which will surprise her guests during the first flight of the season.

This is one of Angelique’s other specialties, a painting of ingredients in which the most fantastic flavors, colors, textures come together in the form of a beautiful palette. This creates an gorgeous and unforgettable experience that melts in the mouth. It’s a special way to make an event or dinner unforgettable. The painting is always custom-made and is adapted to the theme/wishes of that specific moment. Savory or sweet, big or small, as aperitif or dessert, it’s all possible. This is going to be the first time Angélique is going to serve the edible painting in an air balloon. Meaning an extra experience for the guests.

Angélique: “Taste determines my life and I love adventures. I try to combine these factors as much as possible. CuliAir and the edible painting are the most common examples of this.”

You can reserve your culinary flight through Bas Ballonvaarten.

About Angélique Schmeinck

Unfortunately, Holland only knows two female SVH master chefs. Angélique Schmeinck is one of them. She cooks, writes, photographs and amazes. A culinary meeting with this creative person you won’t forget. Angélique is partly known by her performances on 24Kitchen (Cooking channel on the Dutch television) and her award-winning ‘Smaakvrienden’ books. Angélique can be booked as flavor maker on events and soon she will open her new culinary gallery where art and gastronomy are the most important ingredients.

Website: Angélique Schmeinck

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