Crème brûlée in a crêpe cone | As Christmas dessert?


  • comcrepe

Inspiration for those selling pancakes or better the French version: crêpes. Comcrepe in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo created crème brûlée in a crêpe cone. Great idea for a Christmas dessert.

Crème brûlée in a crêpe cone | By Comcrepe in Japan

We spotted them in a video at the Facebookpage of Buzzfeed Bring me where they show you how to make it. It’s as simple as baking a crèpe, insert the crème brûlée and make a cone, put some sugar on it and burn a delicious crust. We don’t have much to add except that it might be a perfect Christmas dessert for a pancake house.

Website: Comcrepe

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