Convenient, a wine cloth


We also love red wine, but it often leaves a red stain on our teeth and lips. You can’t get rid of those with a simple napkin, but with this special wine cloth you can, in Dutch translated to ‘wijndoekje’. It’s convenient to offer this to guests who are drinking red wine.

A wine cloth?

Yes, a wine cloth. Most wine lovers recognize this problem and it’s tough to get rid of those stains with just a napkin and some water. That’s why ‘wijndoekje’ developed a cloth which you can use to easily get rid of the red stains, which red wine leaves on your teeth and lips. The cloth is wet and smells like mint and aloe vera, which gives you a fresh and clean feeling.

The cloth is such a relief for any wine lover and on top of that it’s also good for the environment. There are no preservatives used and it’s completely biodegradable.

Website: Wijndoekje

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