Citrus caviar from Finger Limes


In 2010 we spotted Finger Limes for the first time and wrote about it. But we never saw an opportunity to taste the Finger Lime, which originates in Australia. Although we came up with great ideas to combine these citrus caviar with for example a Gin & Tonic, oysters, in fruity desserts, as garnish at hors d’oeuvres or in salad dressing. But still we hardly spot them in Europe! Well at least we know this is going to change because they are now cultivated outside Australia as well. We spotted them in the USA and in Italy.

All natural citrus caviar

We now have 2 seasons of harvesting the Finger Lime: The Australian season (February – May) and the Italian and USA summer season. The Shanley Farm in the USA produces the Finger Limes for the USA market. Finger Lime Italy is the only European location which is located between Rome and Naples near the Mediterranean coast.

No chemical tric to make lime drops – just all natural. We hope that they will be able to export the limes all over Europe! Especially to the Netherlands, we love to taste them ;-)!


Website: Finger Lime Italy

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