Christmas decorations: the exterior of your building illuminated with a laser show


Easy to use laser show for the Christmas season at the exterior of your restaurant or hotel.

Laser Show: Easy Christmas lights

Although the video at the article on looks like an advertisement of a sales channel on TV (which it probably is), we still want to mention this awesome Christmas decoration.

Because it is a distinctive way to put your property in thousands of stars and the reseller tells you it’s more sustainable than the old fashioned Christmas lights we use today. Beside that we all know how long we are busy arranging those lights! The Star Shower laser projector covers the entire building with thousands of stars. See the photos in the video above and in the article on Online you will find different models and reviews. It’s a real eye-catcher for the exterior of your restaurant or hotel.


Bron: toxel

Website: The Star Shower Projector

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