Chocolate-Atelier Vyverman | chocolate vending machine in hotel lobby


  • Chocoladeautomaat van het Chocolade-Atelier
  • Chocoladeautomaat van het Chocolade-Atelier
  • Chocoladeautomaat van het Chocolade-Atelier

When we drive through Belgium and see the exit to the city of Sint-Niklaas, I always think of our Dutch version of Santa Claus, Sinterklaas. Actually, it’s just logical thinking to let the modern version of Sinterklaas originate from this town, don’t you think? Chocolatier Wim Vyverman of the Chocolate-Atelier Vyverman in Sint-Niklaas currently started selling chocolate, including special treats for Sinterklaas, in a chocolate vending machine in the lobby of Hotel Serwir.

Chocolate vending machine in hotel lobby

By placing the first chocolate vending machine in Belgium, in the lobby of Hotel Serwir, chocolatier Wim Vyverman wants to offer his products to the hard-to-reach businessmen. “In general they have little time but they sometimes want to bring a gift home as well. It’s difficult to combine this time lack and the wish to take a gift home. With the vending machine, we offer this group the opportunity to buy a chocolate souvenir before leaving the hotel. At the trilingual machine you can buy the chocolate with cash and debit- and credit cards. At the vending machine you can buy the Sint-Niklaas balloon pralines chocolates and plenty of other (even sugar-free) chocolate gift items and we will offer seasonal and festive products. For example Sinterklaas items will be stacked in the vending machine right from the start.  All products are already in a gift box. Customers will be able to make their choice via a touchscreen.”

Inspiration from Sint-Niklaas

Cooperation between the Chocolate-Atelier from Sint-Niklaas and the hotel located in the same town is not new. For example, the chocolate fountain from Wim Vyverman was more than once a landmark in festive receptions and other meetings in hotel Serwir. Great initiative to work together at a local level.

Website: Chocolade-Atelier

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