Childhood memory | Sneaking a few spoonful’s of raw dough


  • Cookie DoughPhoto by Dina Joanna Coloma
  • Cookie DoughPhoto by Dina Joanna Coloma
  • Cookie DoughPhoto by Dina Joanna Coloma

Who doesn’t have this childhood memory? Sneaking a few spoonful’s of raw dough when your mom or grandmother was baking cookies. Remember sneaking too much until you were sick? Nowadays you can buy ‘raw cookie dough’ in the supermarket in America and this week a ‘ready-and-safe-to-eat raw cookie dough’ restaurant will open in Greenwich Village in New York. According to owner Kirsten Tomlan a place where you can enjoy ‘raw cookie dough’ mixed with ‘normal cookies’ and many more ingredients. Please be aware of this lesson from grandmothers: “don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach otherwise you will be nauseous!”

Sneaking a few spoonful’s of raw dough at Cookie DŌ

Kristen Tomlan started several years ago with Cookie DŌ, what began as a hobby quickly grew into a full-time job. While Kristen and her husband were busy writing their business plan, they had to work hard meanwhile as orders continued. Thanks to their popular Instagram account. Opening her own  raw cookie dough restaurant, is a dream come true. The menu features dishes with the raw dough  mixed with for example ice cream, chocolate, nuts and brownies. Of course you will be able to buy ‘normal’ cookies and cakes as well at Cookie DŌ.

The Cookie Dough Cafe

The Cookie Dough Cafe is an idea of the sisters Julia Schmid and Joan Pacetti. One moment in time they were making cookies at home, eating so much raw dough that they had no appetite in the baked cookies. From that moment they decided to start a company in raw but ready-and-safe-to-eat cookie dough. Which you can buy at more than 600 stores in the United States. In this video, the sisters explain the roots of their company.

Website: The Cookie Dough Cafe &  Cookie DŌ

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