Restaurant RIJKS® | Chef Joris Bijdendijk meets Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura


  • Micha Tsumura from restaurant MaidoMicha Tsumura from restaurant Maido
  • Joris Bijdendijk from restaurant RIJKSJoris Bijdendijk from restaurant RIJKS
  • Dish from restaurant Maido - tofu cheescake ice cream,bread sand,sweet potato,apple with wakame,camu camu,taperiba and burgundy grape tapDish from restaurant Maido - tofu cheescake ice cream,bread sand,sweet potato,apple with wakame,camu camu,taperiba and burgundy grape tap
  • Dish from restaurant Maido - Sachapapa Soba, vongoles, crabDish from restaurant Maido - Sachapapa Soba, vongoles, crab

1*Michelin RIJKS® in Amsterdam continues its grand series of collaboration dinners by inviting the globally praised Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura and team from Nikkei-restaurant Maido in Lima; celebrated at “Latin America’s Best Restaurant 2017” and The World’s No. 8 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurant List. The stage is set for April Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th in Amsterdam, the Venice of the North.

RIJKS® | Try the taste of restaurant Maido in Amsterdam

For chef Micha Tsumura, restaurant Maido is an expression of the ongoing story of Peru, nourishing guests with memory and imagination. From start to finish, diners are treated as if they’re at home and taken on a gastronomic journey through Peru’s finest produce. After four years in the top echelon of Latin’s 50 Best Restaurants, last year Maido took the top spot – a deserved accolade for a cook who is liked and respected across the world.

In Amsterdam the Nikkei Inspirator cooks in the hectic but supremely efficient and fun, grand open kitchen of 1*Michelin RIJKS® at the Dutch National Rijksmuseum, where he alongside chef Joris Bijdendijk and his brigade of 17 dedicated chefs cooks a collaboration menu of highly executed and tasty plates for lunch and dinner over two days.

RIJKS® | Collaboration dinners

Previous guest chefs at RIJKS before Latin America’s No. 1 are Virgilio Martinez – also of Lima, André Chiang of Singapore, Kamilla Seidler, then of Gustu in La Paz, Fergus Henderson of London and Tim Raue of Berlin.

The Rijksmuseum tells the story about the Netherlands. Influences from countries far and near can also be seen. At RIJKS the swanky restaurant with a sizzling open kitchen follows this pattern: quality, authenticity and uniqueness translated to: the kitchen, the chefs, the interior and the location. Basically RIJKS is the Rijksmuseum served up on a plate. Monday April 9th and Tuesday 10th Mitsuharu Tsumaru cooks alongside the super team of RIJKS for lunch and dinner.

Website: Rijks Restaurant

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