Create your own rockband with Pringles


To celebrate the festival season, Pringles developed an app to create your own rockband. Watch the movie.

Club Med is looking for a professional in enjoying life!


This is the way to get a lot of attention in social media! Club Med (in the Netherlands) is looking for a professional in enjoying life! Through their website they are gathering potential professionals and one of them gets the job to visit 2 new resorts this year, and write about it and show photo’s via social media. This idea can also be used as concept when opening a new hotel!


Online vs. Offline



Ever thought of the way we network in the real life and how this differs from the online way of connecting…? Watch the movie!


Run your own hotel on Facebook


The international hotel chain Marriott launched a game for Facebook. You become the General Manager of your own hotel. With this game, which is similar to games such as FarmVille and CityVille, you earn points when your guests are satisfied, but you lose points when your guests leave your hotel unhappy. With this game, Marriott tries to increase interest in careers with the group and in hospitality in general.


Your personal travel guide of Istanbul


Everything you want to know about Istanbul, you find out with Wizard Istanbul. This is a 24/7 crowdsourced online travel guide, where you can drop all your questions about Istanbul. Volunteers, like residents of the city or fellow travelers, can respond on your message and will give you nice and usefull tips.


Coca Cola Open music, open happines


In France a new app for the Iphone is introduced. It scans your bottle of Coca Cola and depending on the level of fluid still left in the bottle, it picks music for you. Coca Cola tastes the same everywhere, but sounds differently. Watch the movie on the website.

Self service soup


Townhouse Designhotel Maastricht is nominated for the Dutch Hotel Award. The Jury gave the three nominated hotels an assignment. They have to use social medie to let people know they are nominated for the award with the message self (&) service added. Townhouse is serving free soup during check-in at the hotel. Because of that, the website is launched, here all the social media traffic about Townhouse is gathered. Hans van Wolde , star master chef is asking people to send in new recipes for soup.

Creative by using social media


TNO did research on the use of social media at work. It seems that the use of the social media increases the creativity of the employees and creates an active workflow. Companies with an innovative approach to social media can benefit from permitting the use of Facebook and Twitter.

Heineken Invite


The Heineken Invite is a clever bottle opener. Everytime you open a beer, the opener posts via bluetooth or internet a message on your Facebook wall to let people know you are having a party, and you are inviting your friends.


No damage from online reviews


ReviewPush allows owners of a business to stay on top of their reviews in an efficient way. There are so many user reviews sites, that it is more difficult for business owners to keep up with all of them. ReviewPush monitors most user review sites on a daily basis and alerts the business owner via a customized review report.

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