Wine tasting via Twitter


In 2008 we saw serveral organized events on Twitter, like a winetasting, organized by Bin Ends Wine in the United States. Three weeks in advance you have to order the wine, before participating on the winetasting. Nowadays more and more events are organized on Twitter, like Twiners (dinners), Twirrels (drinks) and Tweetjams.

Innovative hospitality concepts map


The hospitality is a dynamic, creative industry. There are daily reports of new concepts or awards for new companies and entrepreneurs. But where exactly are those companies? Branche organisation, KHN does put these companies together with you on this map.


Commercial inspired by tweets



The latest marketing ploy of Kraft is Mac and Cheese TV. This commercial is  unique because it’s inspired by real life tweets of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese fans. These Mac and Cheese TV commercials are a game changer for interacting with loyal customers.

Capture your life with Lifelapse


The Lifelapse Experiment is an iPhone app that will take a picture every 30 seconds of your life. You will never lose a special memory and you can replay your life in high speed. In fact, you can relive a day of 24 hours in about 24 seconds. All you need is the Lifelapse app and the LifePouch, a special carrier for your iPhone to make sure the camera is always visible.  

How Happiness Spreads, by KLM




In November 2010, KLM ran an experimental campaign called How Happiness Spreads. The KLM Surprise team uses social network profiles to come up with a personalized gift to surprise the passenger with.


Buy your friend drinks online


FrinXX gives consumers in Germany the opportunity to buy each other a drink through online channels, even if they are not present at the bar. FrinXX users visit the site or log in via the Facebook app. You then choose the amount you want to spend and you pay by PayPal, iPayment or ClickandBuy. After payment, you receive a code, which you can send to one or multiple recipients via email, SMS or Facebook, along with a personal message. The code must be shown to the bartender and the drinks are paid for.

Art on electrical junction boxes


Fortum is an electricity company in Sweden. Every year grafitti and vandalism to electrical junctionboxes cost the company over $1,5 million. Research shows that art in public places and a well maintained urban environment lead to increased safety and decreases vandalism. Fortum created the competition “Art on electrical boxes”. Anyone could upload their artwork and collect votes through social media. The artworks with the most votes were posted on electrical junction boxes throughout the city.

Social Dipping


Social Dipping is an online tool to create your own virtual ice cream shop. An ice cream parlor can show online what flavors are available. Customers can keep track of the flavors through social media.

PALMs newest beer needs a name


PALM beer is looking for a name for their newest beer through Facebook. Facebookers get several clues to guess the right name. Whoever guesses the right name, can win a weekend in Belgium and a visit to the PALM brewery.

Spcial Media poster

22-2-2011 makes huge posters of all your Twitter followers, people you follow or all your Facebook photo’s. Nice to put in your the office, for example!

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