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At the redaction of Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about and as from today we use the smaller trends in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week among others ‘The Peanut Butter Store’, ‘The First Drone Café’ and ‘Dining in the rooms of the Red Light District’. If you like to read the whole article, click the title. Enjoy reading! lees verder

Fresh brewed coffee from tap with TopBrewer


Making fresh brewed coffee easy and quick as you like it, with an app on your tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. TopBrewer makes this possible.  lees verder

The KarTent: the disposable festival tent made of cardboard


Every year one out of four festival visitors leaves their tent behind on several festival campsites all over the Netherlands. The amount of waste that this creates is bad for the environment. The solution is simple: from now on you can camp in a cardboard. lees verder

Do you create the ‘Ultimate Bite’ for Hellmann’s?


Hospitality entrepreneurs in Belgium and the Netherlands are challenged by Hellmann’s to make ‘The Ultimate Bite’. The winner gets a commercial campaign for his/her own business,  to the value of €5.000,=, at The Ultimate Bite live finale on the 23rd of May in the ‘Kookfabriek’ in Amsterdam. You can sign up till the 20th of March 2016 on

Read more about the conditions in the rest of the article. lees verder

Bubblehouses, mobile homes and treehouses by Insolite by Logis



The Fédération Internationale des Logis, the quality label of small European hotel–restaurants with 17 affiliated hotels in the Netherlands, reinforces the current hotel supply with two new brands: Maison by Logis and Isolite by Logis. lees verder

CityHub, a capsule hotel in Amsterdam


Last month CityHub opened its doors on Bellamystraat in Amsterdam’s Oud West district. Fifty state-of-the-art sleeping units, a ‘digital first’ lobby and an app that familiarises travellers with the city.

We spotted CityHub in 2012 when they got the idea and were exploring the possibilities. CityHub is an initiative of college friends Sem Schuurkes (32) and Pieter van Tilburg (29). The young entrepreneurs set themselves the goal of improving the traditional hotel experience in line with the current zeitgeist and technological capabilities. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, they opened a small pilot branch, ‘CityHub Beta’ in Amsterdam’s Oud West neighbourhood in July 2012. With an average occupancy rate of 95% and enthusiastic reviews on, Airbnb and TripAdvisor, the pilot was hailed as a great success. Their popularity and success also resulted in a private investor (angel investor) and ABN AMRO coming on board to help Schuurkes and Van Tilburg set up the location with 50 Hubs on Bellamystraat.

So last month the CityHub opened its doors enabling their guests, mostly the travel-savvy Generation Y, to explore Amsterdam, socialise with friends and share experiences online. According to the owners a new kind of traveller has emerged: 20- to 35-year-old digital natives. For them, ‘discovery’ is the key: five-star hotels and stereotypical tourists spots don’t make them tick; they want to hear about the city’s hotspots from people in the know and enjoy a personalised travel experience instead. They are connected 24/7 and expect information on the go: a principle that is not optimally utilised by many traditional hotels. CityHub builds the entire travel experience around these new developments in the travel industry, through a city app, an online chat platform with a personal host, and unique Hubs in which to sleep. lees verder

Virtual Reality Cinema will be shown all over Europe


An update regarding the Virtual Reality Cinema we wrote about back in October. The tour throughout The Netherlands sold out really quickly. &Samhoud media will now organise futuristic cinemas in Berlin, Munich, Zürich, London and Copenhagen in January and February.

Business model for the Virtual Reality Cinema

Initiator Jip Samhoud: ‘We can see that our cinema sells out time after time and we sense that there really is a market for Virtual Reality. We noticed that a real business model can be made for VR cinemas. We’ve received more than 2500 visitors, the first few days that we’ve been open.’

The success of the Virtual Reality Cinema will also be continued in The Netherlands. During the Christmas Season, the cinema in Amsterdam will open again! In this special Christmas edition the Virtual Reality cinema can be found at the Passeerdersgracht 19a in Amsterdam from the 18th of December till the 23th. Opening hours and tickets can be found at

In October we wrote about the first Virtual Reality Cinema.

Christmas decorations: the exterior of your building illuminated with a laser show


Easy to use laser show for the Christmas season at the exterior of your restaurant or hotel.

Laser Show: Easy Christmas lights

Although the video at the article on looks like an advertisement of a sales channel on TV (which it probably is), we still want to mention this awesome Christmas decoration.

Because it is a distinctive way to put your property in thousands of stars and the reseller tells you it’s more sustainable than the old fashioned Christmas lights we use today. Beside that we all know how long we are busy arranging those lights! The Star Shower laser projector covers the entire building with thousands of stars. See the photos in the video above and in the article on Online you will find different models and reviews. It’s a real eye-catcher for the exterior of your restaurant or hotel.


Virtual Reality pop-up cinema in Amsterdam


&samhoud Consultancy brings the first Virtual Reality pop-up cinema to Amsterdam. The technology of virtual reality will be shown at their office on 31 October.

Virtual Reality pop-up cinema

In this pop-up cinema in the office of &samhoud Consultancy you will be centered in the middle of a movie with the help of the virtual reality glasses and headphones. The technique of virtual reality will be applied on a large scale for the first time in the Netherlands, in this pop-up cinema. Tickets will be 10 euros and can be purchased through a dedicated Facebook page. Jip Samhoud tells more about developments in Virtual Reality worldwide in an article in a Dutch Newspaper, het Parool. He thinks that the initial hype in virtual reality is over and that virtual reality will increasingly integrate. He also admits that the movie they will show, is especially made to show the effects of virtual reality. A big challenge for film producers to create new movies! The video above shows how to use the virtual reality glasses.

Sleeping on a Dutch lake in VIP houseboats


23 September was the official opening of the new Center Parcs VIP houseboats in the old Marina De Eemhof. The luxury houseboats offer fantastic views at the Eemmeer.

Last summer, we wrote an article about the catamaran hotel rooms from design studio Salt & Water from Serbia. The design of the catamaran hotel had just won the Millennium Yacht Design Award. This project was developed with the aim to promote tourism on inland waterways in Serbia, which offers a stunning untouched nature. Such a project would also be great on the Dutch lakes. At the same time Center Parcs was busy with the realization of the VIP houseboats in the old Marina De Eemhof, with the southern French atmosphere of the port town Port Grimaud. The houseboats have been build by the local craftsmanship of ABC Arkenbouw to Urk.

What do the VIP houseboats offer?

Always wanted to experience what it’s like to live on a houseboat? The new, modern equipped VIP houseboats Center Parcs offer this possibility. The VIP houseboats have two floors, a total floor surface of 120 m2, can accommodate up to six people, have two bathrooms, two toilets, a private terrace, are located in the marina and offers a place for a private or rented boat. Guests can also make use of all the facilities Center Parcs De Eemhof offers. Great way to enjoy the Dutch lake, the Eemmeer!


Like we wrote about the catamaran hotel rooms, projects like these fit perfectly on our Dutch lakes! So if you run a hotel or a park, look at the opportunities to expand on the water!

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