Chez Claire | Haute éclairs and champagne


  • Que d'éclairs
  • Haute éclairs photo credits Sigrid Eggers

Dries Henau and Yuri Vandenbogaerde, or ‘De Jongens’ (the guys), behind the concept of the WASBAR, will open Chez Claire this spring. At Chez Claire they will sell luxurious ‘haute éclairs’ as you can’t find them anywhere else in Belgium and they will open simultaneously in Antwerp and in Ghent. If you like éclairs, some new addresses if you’re visiting one of these cities! lees verder

Hill Hungry Horse Pub | Glittery gravy as a side dish


December is a month full of festive events including Christmas dinner with family and friends. For many chefs (whether at home or at a restaurant) the perfect moment to show off. In search for original Christmas recipes we stumbled on glittering gravy which is served at The Fox Under The Hill Hungry Horse pub in England. A guaranteed and sparkling success! lees verder

Christmas at Rolf’s in New York | Can you top their Christmas decorations?


We’re always willing to give some free publicity for great Christmas decoration ideas! Recently we spotted Rolf’s German restaurant in New York City. They have been famous for their Christmas decorations for years now and they have a lot of old videos to proof that! Their Christmas decoration is absolutely over the top and according to most on the internet, gorgeous. If you think you can beat them, let us know!

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Ultimate Christmas sleepover | Sleeping in the Coca-Cola Christmas truck


  • Christmas Coca ColaChristmas Coca Cola

Two lucky winners will fall asleep in the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tomorrow night. We all know this truck from the well-known Coca-Cola Christmas advertising that shows up every years during the Holiday Season. The iconic truck has been prepared for an overnight stay especially for this giveaway. Coca-Cola collaborated with Travel Blog Late Rooms. A fun and special marketing campaign! lees verder

Jajem Jenever | Christmas ornaments filled with jenever for their 2-year anniversary


  • Jajem KerstballenJajem

The Amsterdam jenever brand Jajem exists 2 years this month. This will be celebrated in the Kopstootbar on the Leidseplein, which is also the first business the men behind the brand opened. Beside a party you can also buy Christmas ornaments filled with the young jenever! lees verder

SKYE Hotel Suites Parramatta | Opening your room with your mobile phone


SKYE Hotel Suites Parramatta, a five-star hotel and one of the newest property additions to Sydney, Australia, has partnered together with ASSA ABLOY Hospitality and Intelity to provide its guests with state-of-the-art digital key functionality. With the implementation of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access in 72 of its apartment-style suites, along with the use of Intelity’s downloadable mobile app, the property can now allow guests to quickly and conveniently enter their room with a swipe of their mobile device. You never have to worry again about forgetting the key card of your room! lees verder

Inspiration around the Christmas tree | The Claridge’s Christmas Tree by Karl Lagerfeld


  • Claridge’s Christmas Tree 2017 by Karl LagerfeldClaridge’s Christmas Tree 2017 by Karl Lagerfeld
  • The Connaught Christmas Tree 2017 by Tracey Emin, CBEThe Connaught Christmas Tree 2017 by Tracey Emin, CBE
  • The Berkeley “SnowFall” by Richard RogersThe Berkeley “SnowFall” by Richard Rogers
  • Claridge’s Christmas Tree 2017 by Karl LagerfeldClaridge’s Christmas Tree 2017 by Karl Lagerfeld

Claridge’s, London’s legendary Mayfair hotel has unveiled the Claridge’s Christmas Tree 2017 in the hotel lobby, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, widely regarded as one of the fashion world’s most influential creative forces. This year’s Claridge’s festive installation is inspired by Lagerfeld’s childhood memories of Christmas with a series of inverted spruce Christmas Trees placed around the hotel lobby. The centrepiece is a sixteen foot high inverted tree with silver gilded roots topped with a multi-facetted mirrored star which reflects rays of magical light across the art deco lobby. In this article some inspiration around the Christmas tree for other hoteliers, for example do you celebrate the fact that the lights in your tree are lightened? lees verder

Trends we spotted | Week 48


  • Trends in het kort


At Horecatrends we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others about trains of the future and the top 10 of Le Chef List 2018.

Click on the title if you would to read the full article. Enjoy reading! lees verder

The Santa’s Sausage from Bubbledogs | Do you have a recipe with a fun Santa twist?


This December, Bubbledogs, the gourmet hotdog and champagne bar, will be getting in the Christmas spirit, bringing back Londoners’ favourite: The Santa’s Sausage. Topped with all the festive favourites, Sandia Chang has been busy in the kitchen, designing the very special turkey hot dog with Christmas stuffing, cranberry chutney, crispy brussels sprouts, parsnip chips and gravy. This year, guests can also choose to pimp up their Santa’s sausage with the luxury addition of truffles, for a little extra. lees verder

Disaronno Innovation Hunter | The pursuit of innovation in cocktails


Disaronno, The Mixing Stars, makes a step change and starts looking for innovation. The Disaronno project dedicated to bartenders evolves and becomes a journey into the most innovative trends in international mixology. Wouter Bosch (Rosalia’s Menagerie in Amsterdam) is focussing on sustainability and Kevin Kroon (Door 74 in Amsterdam) shows attractive low ABV (alcohol by volume) cocktails. Tess Posthumus, Mixing Star in 2013, does introduce them in two interesting video’s. Their pursuit of innovation started in Milan and after Amsterdam they’re going to London. The chronicle of the journey is online on the Facebook page of The Mixing Stars. lees verder

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