BuzzBar developed alcoholic ice creams for adults


BuzzBar has designed various ice cream bars specifically for adults. The ice contains liquor and only natural ingredients. They also produce ice cream bars that are suitable for vegetarians.

BuzzBar as an alternative for the cocktail

The average ice cream bar contains about 2 percent alcohol, so you won’t get really drunk, but it could be a great alternative for a cocktail in the summer. The ice cream bars and popsicles come in a lot of different flavours, some examples are: Mojito, raspberry and lemon sorbet with lemon vodka, whiskey and chocolate, strawberries with rum and vanilla combined with cognac.


The ice cream bars could be a fun idea for a cocktail bar, this way guests can taste their favourite cocktails ice cold. Maybe people will even toast with BuzzBars in the future?

Website: Buzzbar

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