Bowling theme in restaurant Nicky’s


  • Nicky's

Nicky’s is a restaurant concept in Gandia Spain, designed by Oscar Vidal of Ozone Group. Nicky’s is part of a recreational center with cinemas, bowling, a playground, souvenir shop and ice cream parlor. Hispabowling, the source behind the recreational center, was used as inspiration for the design of Nicky’s. A lot of wooden materials is used in the restaurant and it has wooden tables and chairs, some armchairs and to highlight the bowling theme, pins hang on the ceiling. Pins are placed at the end of a long table, so it just looks like a bowling alley. A lamp has been designed using galvanized old wash-basins to add a funny touch to the place. Click here for more pictures.

Bron: Restaurant and Bar award

Website: Oscar Vidal

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