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  • Hotel Beijers in Utrecht

In the violence of the openings of new hotels of large chains that have found their way to Utrecht (The Netherlands), the opening of Hotel Beijers can be called special. The combination of boutique with antique makes Hotel Beijers unique for Utrecht and perhaps even for the Netherlands. At Hotel Beijers you really step into another world and it appears as if time has stood still. Yet the hotel is anything but old-fashioned, because in the design they worked with bold color combinations, special antiques and the hotel is equipped with all the luxury and modern conveniences of today.

The hotel has 15 rooms and no room is the same. A cool concept for guests who love architecture, antiques and history, but of course with a modern twist! Utrecht City Concepts will run the hotel. They are known for its collection of small-scale boutique hotels in the center of Utrecht. You can recognize them from Mother Goose, Eye Hotel, Court Hotel, Hotel26 and the Malie Hotel.

Boutique antique Hotel Beijers | Located in a former city palace

At Boutique antique Hotel Beijers you sleep in a 17th-century city palace located in the historic city center of Utrecht. In recent years, a lot of hard work has been done to transform the building into a hotel without losing the history of the building. If you cross the threshold of Hotel Beijers, it seems as if you are entering another world. There is a room with a huge 18th century fireplace and in another room the toilet is located in the former ‘wig’ room. The hotel has 15 rooms and no room is the same; in addition to the bold color combination, each room is decorated with special antiques and unique art from then and now.

A special concept by Bert Degenaar and Reinier Brummelkamp

The boutique antique concept, which is new to Utrecht, has been created by both Bert Degenaar, antique dealer and restorer of special monumental real estate and the company Utrecht City Concepts. Bert Degenaar, known from the Dutch TV program ‘Van onschatbare waarde’ (Priceless), together with his business partner and right-hand man Reinier Brummelkamp, ensured that the history of the building was fully honored. The two gentlemen are the face behind the special interior and the many antiques that you will find in Hotel Beijers.

Website: Boutique antique Hotel Beijers

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