Bikkelsauce | Remia introduces new way of eating fries


Last week Remia introduced their new ‘Bikkelsauce’ and to celebrate this, they introduced a new phenomenon: the ‘Bikkeltable’. On this special, custom-made, foil-wrapped table guests can enjoy a big portion of fries with sauce. The first ever ‘bikkeltable’ was introduced last Friday at Lunchroom Kruimeltje in the Dutch city Krimpen a/d IJssel, the city where the recipe of the Bikkelsauce was born.

Home-made Bikkelsauce

The recipe of this new tough sauce was invented by Gerda de Reus, entrepreneur and owner of Lunchroom Kruimeltje, known for years for its home made products. In cooperation with Remia she perfected the recipe of the Bikkelsauce: a unique sauce with a hearty, spicy bite.

To celebrate the introduction of Remia’s new sauce, the world’s smallest mobile snackcar visited the lunchroom. After an impressive entrance of the snackcar, guests had the pleasure to taste the sauce. Until this moment the recipe was a secret but from now on the sauce is available to everyone!

About Remia

Remia is one of the leading producers of sauces and a well-known player in the Dutch food industry. They are known for their strong marketing campaigns and product- and packing innovations.

Website: Remiafoodservice 

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