Beer cocktail by Mongozo


Mongoza introduced various beer cocktails last year’s April. Now the spring has arrived, it’s time to bring the beer cocktail back. You can make such a cocktail easily with the beers from Mongozo.

Mongozo has created five different recipes of beer cocktails. The cocktail choices are; Mongozo Banana, Mongozo June Bug, Mongozo Mango, Mongozo in the mix and Mongozo Orange Samba.

The beer cocktail is very popular in America recently and a surprising alternative, just like with a spoonful of jam


  • This is what you need to make a Mongozo Banana; 30 ml Tequila, 30ml of lime juice (1/2 lime), 20 ml of sugar syrup and top this all off with Mongozo Banana.
  • To make the Mongozo June Bug you need 30ml of rum, 15ml of melon liquor, Mongozo Cocos and Mongozos Banana.
  • The ingredients of the Mongozo Mango consists of 2 wedges of orange, 2 teaspoons of cane sugar, 30ml gin, 1/2 of a flesh passion fruit and top off with the Mongozo mango.
  • The Mongozo in the mix is made with Mongoza Coconut and rum, Mongozo Mango and rum or Mongozo Banana and rum.
  • To make the Mongozo Orange Samba you need 2 wedges of lime, 2 spoons of sugar cane, 20ml of Cachaça rum, Mongozo Banana and Mongozo Mango.

Website: Mongozo

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