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  • Bavaria Radler Ice Lemon
  • Bavaria Radler Ice Lemon
  • Bavaria Radler Ice Lemon
  • Bavaria Radler Ice Lemon
  • Bavaria Radler Ice Lemon

Bavaria introduces Bavaria Radler Ice Lemon 2.0%. Bavaria Radler Lemon 2.0%, now for sale on a stick. The Dutch beer brewer is the first major brewer with an ice cream made of Radler. The refreshing ice cream has a light sweet Radler flavour, with tones of lemon and 2.0% alcohol and will be available from this summer at several festivals and events in The Netherlands. Festival Wish Outdoor in the Dutch village Beek en Donk was the first event to present the ice cream last weekend.

The idea

The idea to make a Bavaria Radler Lemon 2.0% ice cream was created during an intern innovation program of Bavaria. Two employees did a successful pitch for the Bavaria board members. “What can be more refreshing than a Bavaria Radler?” The idea was born. The board gave the green light to take the ice cream into production. Together with the recently launched new Bavaria-campaign “Welcome to the Family”, the ice cream is introduced with the slogan “Welcome to the cold side of the Family”.

Bavaria Radler Ice

The ice cream consists for 98,3% out of Radler-beer and contains alcohol. Due to adding of a natural fiber the alcohol and carbonic acid maintains in the ice cream, which gives the product the refreshing structures and the real taste of Bavaria Radler Lemon 2.0%. Due to the 2.0% alcohol, the product is only available for consumers with a minimal age of 18. One Radler-ice cream contains only 26 calories.


Bavaria Radler ice Lemon 2.0% was available last weekend during the Wish Outdoor festival in Beek en Donk and can be found on several other events this year. The ice cream to toast will be produced in minimal amounts, but Bavaria is planning to make the product available for supermarkets as well, so all fans can enjoy their ice cream.


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