Arty napkins at conference hotel Kapellerput


  • servetten

Pay attention to the initiative of “arty napkins” at the “Kapellerput” conference hotel. Every year they choose a piece of art that touched them and have it printed on their linen napkins. They give it out as corporate gifts. The ‘arty napkins’ symbolizes what their conference hotel is about; hospitality and inspiration. The original piece is bought and one napkin is framed, the restaurant uses a disposable version. A true royal gesture. The napkins so far are made by the artists Marijn Moree, Saskia Heuer, Janne Hopman and Jolinde van Poppel. Do you want to read more examples of small gestures, read our last edition of ‘Royal hospitable gestures‘.

Bron: Van Spronsen & Partners

Website: Kapellerput

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