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Plenty of bars have an endless list with Gin & Tonic combinations with different ingredients such as cucumber, grapefruit or rosemary. But this summer it’s time for something new! Fever-Tree introduces a special pink tonic, the Aromatic Tonic Water. A new sparkling beverage to make Gin & Tonics even better.

Aromatic Tonic Water

This summer, Fever-Tree introduces a new special tonic, the Aromatic Tonic Water. Not only the color is renewing, but the unusual ingredients and rich history of the tonic makes this drink very special. Don’t you like alcohol? No worries, the drink is just as refreshing to drink without gin!

Special ingredients from all over the world

One of Fever-Tree its founders Tim Warrillow found an 19th-century old medical record in which doctors prescribed a tonic with South American angostura bark as a remedy for fever. The British marines used this pink extract in addition to the bark of the cinchona tree, a commonly used drug, known as quinine. The highest quality quinine can be found in the border area between Congo and Rwanda. Now, years later, Fever-Tree travels to all corners of the earth to look for the most beautiful and special ingredients to revive this ancient recipe.

The taste of the tonic

This aromatic pink tonic got his unique and refreshing taste by adding exotic herbs and fresh citrus. The light bitter taste of the angostura bark is perfectly balanced by the sweet and spicy flavors of vanilla from Madagascar, ginger from Cochin and cardamom from Guatemala. The tonic is finished with the famous Fever-Tree quinine from Congo and soft spring water. Together, the ingredients provide a unique and fresh taste without artificial additives that can be perfectly combined with a robust gin.

The perfect Pink Gin recipe

Try the Aromatic Tonic Water just as the British marines did in the 19th century. You need:

  • One bottle of Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water
  • 50 ml of robust gin (such as Tanqueray or Plymouth Gin)
  • Lemon peel
  • Fresh ice cubes

Fill your longdrink glass with ice, add the gin and Aromatic Tonic Water and add a lemon peel as garnish. It’s a delicious fresh, pink twist on your well known summer drink.


Ever heard of Té Tonic? Té Tonic is a blend of botanicals, herbs and spices, in a special pyramid-shaped silk pouch, allowing you to add just the right degree of flavour to your Gin & Tonic. Té Tonic can be introduced to your guests or friends in order to let them experience something different than the standard ingredients.

Website: Frever-Tree

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