Annoncer kitchen management system signs partnership agreement with the Dutch Alliance Gastronomique


  • Madelon van Leenen en Gerard Wollerich tekenen overeenkomst AnnoncerMadelon van Leenen en Gerard Wollerich tekenen overeenkomst Annoncer

The developer and supplier of the Annoncer kitchen management system has signed a partnership agreement with the restaurant association Alliance Gastronomique. The agreement was signed on behalf of Alliance Gastronomique by chairman Gerard Wollerich and Annoncer managing director Madelon van Leenen.

Annoncer Kitchen management system has been developed by the Dutch company Index Hospitality Systems and is considered the most advanced system in the gastronomy sector. Orders arrive in the kitchen automatically and chefs have full control and overview of the tables and guests in the restaurant.

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Benefits for Alliance Gastronomique members if they buy Annoncer kitchen management system

The agreement will provide the 44 members of Alliance Gastronomique with attractive benefits when they purchase Annoncer, which is considered to be the most advanced kitchen management system in the gastronomy sector. Orders arrive in the kitchen automatically and chefs have full control and overview of the tables and guests in the restaurant. The system provides peace of mind in the kitchen, optimal communication between kitchen and service and satisfied guests.

Top of the gastronomy

Managing Director Madelon van Leenen of Index Hospitality Systems, the developer of Annoncer, is proud of the alliance with Alliance Gastronomique. Madelon van Leenen: “With Alliance Gastronomique we have linked up again with an important partner within the top of European gastronomy. Previously, we had Les Patrons Cuisiniers and JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs as our partners. Meanwhile, 17 members of Alliance Gastronomique are already using Annoncer, including top restaurants such as De Librije, Ciel Bleu, Flore and Brut172.”

No more manual kitchen receipts

A special detail is that the cooking competition for the ‘Gouden Koksmuts’ (Golden Chef’s Hat) (the Dutch Cooking championship) is at the basis of the agreement. Gerard Wollerich, owner of restaurant Wollerich and chairman of Alliance Gastronomique: “Our restaurant won this game in 2016 and the prize package included the use of Annoncer, but we never did anything with it. We thought our familiar manual voucher system worked faster. In the end, we were convinced by Malou Hagenaars, a former Annoncer sales representative and now co-owner of restaurant Alma in Oisterwijk, which is a member of Alliance Gastronomique.”

An outcome in a tight labor market

Gerard Wollerich: “We started trying Annoncer and it turned out to be a magnificent system. It provides peace and overview in the kitchen and in communication between the staff and the kitchen. As a team, you have everything under control. For example, you can see whether the wine has been poured and the cutlery set before you serve a dish. We really can’t do without it anymore. As Alliance, we are very happy with the partner agreement and with the interesting agreements we, as Alliance restaurants, really get something in return. The leasing option is also attractive, especially after the past corona years when liquidity is sometimes still not at its old level. Annoncer also offers a solution in this tight labor market. In our restaurant, I can certainly use one less person during a service. Monitoring the order, delegating and determining the issue of the dishes is largely taken over by the system.”

Responding quickly to developments

Madelon van Leenen: “Annoncer delivers the most benefits in restaurants that work a lot with menus. It works intuitively, anyone can work with it without a manual. The guest history shows what the guest has eaten before and you can keep track of preferences, allergies and exceptions. We also respond quickly to developments and wishes from restaurants. For example, it has recently become possible to register whether a guest drinks still or sparkling water. In addition to purchase and lease, we also offer SaaS (Software as a Service), which makes the software available at a monthly fee. The flexibility of Annoncer is therefore also reflected in a wide range of purchase and financing options.”

Website: Index Hospitality Systems en de Alliance Gastronomique

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